Cheers! Friends of Modena Full Stack!

If you’re here is because we bought you a round of beer and most likely you’re a developer.

We’re looking for someone to support our web developers, who is able to work independently, is fairly obsessed with order, and has a great love for codes and things done right. The right person for this job is a developer with font-end skills in:

Html 5 / CSS3 / Sass / JavaScript (J-Query, VueJs, React / Webpack

… and back-end skills in:

Php / Laravel / MySQL / Django/Django Cms.

We often work with Wordpress but if the word «October» makes you happy, we’re heading to a very good start.

Here’s a few things that we’ve done recently (and not so recently), to give you an idea of the kind of projects that we usually work on.

Vogue Archive for the first 50 years of Vogue Italia.

The new identity and website redesign for Carraro Group.

The web configurator that we developed for Flos.

Send an email to Come and meet us: we’ll have a chat together and a coffee too!

— See you soon!

Bunker Web Team