Carraro 2020. Spaces and People

Matteo Balsamini’s documentary eye on the people and production spaces of Carraro plants.

Have you ever seen the production plant of a large mechanical company? Have you ever walked surrounded by machines, mechanical components, huge ceilings and brilliant colours? We did.

To create the Carraro 2020 calendar, we relied on the Mattia Balsamini’s expertise and sensitivity, and together for 5 days we dived in the daily activities of three Carraro production plants in Italy.

Mattia created for us a unique reportage, a novel look on people, spaces and details.

In his shots he freezes time and daily work, and his peculiar take allowed us to investigate the various souls in the company: products, environments, the manufacturing process and its protagonists.

During the 5-day long shooting, we were like novel anthropologists, venturing through the daily activities of the plants as active observers; we interacted with the staff and were guided through the hidden corners of the manufacturing floor.

The resulting posters were designed and created by Mattia as individual works. They are like a “polyphonic story” of Carraro identity, where the employees are portrayed among the details of the manufacturing areas and technical designs: tools, objects, drawings and places.

Our aim was to grasp the details to find the hidden beauty that is often sacrificed for the sake of production dynamics and daily deadlines.

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