Creating a book, and how to tell about it.

Why “Pittori di Cinema” was a success? Because it’s a book about us, the way we like working, and telling about our work.

Behind a great project there’s always an interesting story. Let’s tell it step by step.

We point the finger at the greengrocer.

We long wanted to create a monograph about the cinema painter Sandro Symeoni. We had already gathered some content and we knew there was a collector of film posters: Maurizio Baroni, an almost mythological figure. Everyone talked about him, but no one knew where to find him.

Until the day Francesco went buying cherries.

“You, with your job, you should meet my father-in-law.” “Really? Why? What does your father-in-law do? “His name is Maurizio Baroni and he collects film posters”.

How it all evolved.

Breaking boundaries is wonderful. And when you have a project that allows you to have fun and work on many different levels, it’s even better. Pittori di Cinema was the chance for us to go further and experiment while having fun.

For this reason, we decided to produce in partnership with Pongofilms four mini-documentaries that describe all the production steps, from the very start of the project, to the selection process of the artworks and their restoration by the photolithographer, to the key role that lettering played in the film industry during those years, to the valuable interview with Renato Casaro.

This isn’t only about a great project. What we wanted to tell is a story about our journey as well as our working method.


We selected over 500 posters and brought them back to life through an incredible restoration work by our photolithographer, which was key to achieve good results when printed on paper.


The calligrapher Luca Barcellona tells us the key role of lettering in the creation of film posters.


Maurizio Baroni talks with this cinema painter, who tells anecdotes about some of the posters in the book, including Nikita and The Last Emperor.

We wanted to share this experience with everyone.

That’s why we developed the website with peculiar effects obtained through original image cutouts, anecdotes, and multimedia, we created an immersive experience that takes you inside the project and tells you everything about it.

We won two international awards: SOTDDEVAWARD from AWWWARDS and WOTD from CSS Design Award.

The Result.

We started with an idea and we shared it with everyone through various narrative levels: paper, web and multimedia.

To do that, we leveraged all our skills, and we did it by doing what we love to do most: sharing.

This is what Pittori di Cinema is about: expertise, craftsmanship, and enthusiasm for beautiful things.

Press Releases

“Book launch during ‘Il Cinema Ritrovato 2018’” Cineteca di Bologna

“The film industry should leverage from these extraordinary talents even nowadays” Luca Valtorta

Interview podcast with Maurizio Baroni and Francesco Ceccarelli at Hollywood Party

“An invaluable work of monumental importance” Rivista Studio

“A daring book” Marco Giacomelli / Artribune

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