For Mutty, we curated the graphic design of the most comprehensive monographic exhibition in Italy byTana Hoban. Considered to be the pioneer of early childhood photography, the American artist is a versatile figure, who saw art, photography and short films as a field of investigation and a guide to perception. Her more than 50 picture books encourage observation and provide a visual stimulus to search for wonder in everyday life.

Returning to our childhood, we saw in the simple shapes, in the colours of her photos and in composite images, companions of fun and exploration. Walking, running and observing are the key words for fully experiencing the child-height set-up by Paolo Cremonesi, with a selection of 30 of the most outstanding photos. All the picture books by the artist (1970-2007), some games and objects depicted in Of Colors and Things (1989) and short films about animals (1980-1987) enrich and make the exhibition project even more interactive.

The most curious visitors can rediscover themselves as observers thanks to the bookmark that becomes a magnifying glass. The most adventurous visitors can go travelling again and visually find themselves in the US as they leaf through the exhibition catalogue in the typical US broadsheet format. We grow up but basically we never stop being children.

An exhibition for all ages, curated by Giulia Giazzoli and Élisabeth Lortic (of the Les Trois Oursespublishing firm), in collaboration with CNAP - The National Centre for Plastic Arts (Paris). 22 October 2021 – 26 February 2022