Whenever we are assigned a project like this one, we start by spending some time getting to know the artist or the theme of the exhibition. In this case, our desks were towering with the graphic novels by Michele Rech, AKA Zerocalcare, from The Armadillo’s Prophecy to Macerie Prime.

Reading, investigating, learning: we started from the books to explore Michele’s vast production, until we reached the conclusion that yes, “Rebibbia Rules” in Modena as well.

So we went to Rome, where we spent two days working with MAXXI team to produce the most complex sections of the display, including the timeline, and to enjoy Michele’s work while he was drawing live on some of the walls. During the last steps of the exhibition preparation we worked side by side with the organizers and curators. Inch by inch, this team brought Zerocalcare’s entire production into one room.

Four sections – TribesPopStruggle and ResistancesNon-Reportage – reveal 15 years of his production, featuring posters, books, and rare and unpublished drawings.

The exhibition Zerocalcare – Digging Ditches, Feeding Crocodiles is open from November 10, 2018 to March 10, 2019.

It’s a co-production by Minimondi Eventi, curated by Giulia Ferracci together with Silvia Barbagallo, sponsored by Action Aid and Banca Etica.

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