Progettare in libertà (Designing with Freedom)

An exhibition that tells the rare experience of complete creative freedom, made possible thanks to a journal of economics that entrusted their artwork to artists in the fields of illustration and typography.

Mutty is a high-end cultural venue located in Castiglione delle Stiviere, south of Lake Garda. They fell in love with the project for the journal Norme&Tributi Mese, that we made for IlSole24Ore, so they asked us to showcase it in an exhibition at their premises.

From the very beginning, the project for Norme&Tributi Mese was meant to express the high quality of its content. We all worked as a team: our design studio, Ray Oranges – the young Italian illustrator who designed the journal covers – and Anonima Impressori – the typography of Luca Lattuga and Veronica Bassini. And all this was made possible thanks to an educated client who gave scope to illustration and typography in a journal of taxation.

The exhibition showcases the complete design project, as well as Ray’s panels and the typographic compositions by Luca. Ray’s panels are characterized by a minimal and metaphysical style inspired by the work and aesthetics of artists like Lucien Herve, Charles Sheeler and Ralston Crawford, who were exponents of Precisionism art movement. Luca employs letters to create textual compositions that combine content and expressive shape, and are used as openings for each article in the journal.

The opening evening of the exhibition was also the occasion for a live press event. With the help of Anonima Impressori, we designed a modular poster: visitors could print their own copy as a keepsake for the evening.

Exhibition Progettare in libertà. L’esperienza di Norme & Tributi Mese.
April 8th – May 8th, 2016
Mutty, Castiglione delle Stiviere

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