TED is the non-profit organization that spreads ideas using short talks by great people. Born in 1984 in California with a first conference on technology, entertainment and design, today TED topics range from science to business, culture, arts, social innovations and global transformations.

Over the years the organization has grown into a truly international community with the TEDx initiative – a series of events that are independently organized all over the world. Cortina, the Queen of the Dolomites, hosted its first TEDx event on August 19th, 2017 with the goal of spreading with new ideas the wonderful ecosystem of the Dolomites: among the thinkers and innovators who attended, there were experts in the fields of medicine, technology, arts, economics and more.

TEDxCortina team asked us to partner with them to create the visual and communication identity to convey the What’s Next theme in all its nuances. Together with Olimpia Zagnoli we developed the initial concept to summarize with images the ultimate question that provided the title for the conference: “What does the future hold?”. This theme is suspended in time and space. The distinguished speakers of this edition tried giving their answers, and we enclosed it in the hidden glance of a woman looking at the horizon.

The woman is the starting point, the observer of the scene, guiding our own glance towards the landscape. On the horizon we find Cortina. It’s outlined by its skyline that becomes the future, developing in a symbiosis of elements and bright minds. The future can also be found in little things, elements that become suggestions. They’re already part of the landscape and life in the Dolomites, but they’ll necessarily have to find new interpretations for the future of Cortina and all its people and visitors.

Together with our friends from Pongo Films – our partners on various projects – we transferred these graphics and concepts to some video animations: from darkness to light, the sun rises on the Dolomites, lightening up the future.