From time to time we like to change things, here in Bunker, and after six years we decided to retire our letterpress B. The natural choice for our new logo was Luca Barcellona. He’s a great friend and our partner in Lazy Dog Press, and we’ve been working together for a few years now.

Our initial request was to come up with 3 new Bs, but he knows us well, and designed for us 12 of them: Bunker is multifaceted and has many different nuances, so why can’t we have one “dress” for each of them?

That’s how the new Bunker identity was born: many Bs, each of them with its own character, and you’ll see them alternating on our website and social media pages. The new logo reflects the richness of our projects and things happening here. That’s because in Bunker we like action, renovating, changing, and constantly looking at the world with fresh eyes!

B is a letter, okay, but what’s its shape?

The shape that children draw with markers? No, that’s the bare shape, with two bowls, that they’re taught and try reproducing. Sometimes one of the two bowls is exaggeratedly bigger; when explaining correct proportions, Hermann Zapf used to say “don’t draw a pregnant B!” It would be interesting to know what shape a child would draw when thinking about a B, free from any conditioning. Surely it would be something amazing, maybe something organic, maybe with two animals. A letter, in my opinion, is an image, and in calligraphy it takes different shapes depending on the historical period, the tool used to draw it, and even the speed of writing or kind of paper where you write it on. So the letter B takes completely different shapes, just like the different personalities of my friends in Bunker.

— Luca Barcellona

We’ve paired the new logo with Forma, a font by David Jonathan Ross and Roger Black. It’s the redesigned version of the original one that Aldo Novarese created at the end of 1960s for Nebiolo foundry. Our business cards in 4 different styles are letterpress-printed by Anonima Impressori on Colorplan paper.