Corporate Design

We shape the culture of companies and brands.

Corporate values, mission, actions: we comprise them all in one term – corporate culture.

The culture of your organization is way more than documents, reports and projects. We believe that it also involves the people behind those documents, reports and projects. 

Our graphic design studio helps brands and companies narrating their stories. With our corporate identity and branding services, as well as corporate publications, we design well-structured and coordinated communications. We turn know-how into show-how.

Corporate Identity

As it happens with people, the identity of a company is made of the features that make it unique, unmistakable and distinguishable. It is important to have your own identity and accept that it can be renewed over the years. We believe that a good corporate identity adapts to evolution, elevates the corporate founding principles and shows what has changed, without losing the trust achieved by the brand over the years.

Investor relations

The potential of a company is also visible in the attention they place on investor relations. Our expertise in the publishing industry leads us to think of reviews and sustainability reports as books that treasure the company’s annual story. And we deliver your brand’s investor communications through values like usability, transparency and beauty.

Corporate Publications

Our expertise with cultural publications enables us to create bespoke editorial projects for the corporate world. We research and develop streamlined, well-balanced and graphically refined publications that focus on complex and intricate corporate topics. From magazines to professional guidebook series, we want our designs to make their marks.

Do you have a new project in mind?

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Bunker is an independent cultural planning studio. We specialize in visual identity, as well as book and web design. We design experiences for the cultural, publishing and corporate world.

Who we are

Our projects always build on research, development, and shared ideas. Here you can find some of the projects we’ve created over the years.