Cultural Institutions

Together, we create cultural projects.

Culture is the perspective through which we look at, interpret and manage complex reality. 

We like to call this “the cultural feeling”: the empathic and shared approach that we take when we design and develop solutions for the cultural world and beyond. Visual identities, services for the publishing industry and web design originate from design thinking and are the creative result of a collective work.

Bunker is an independent studio, but we partner with artists, photographers, videomakers and writers to create beautiful and functional projects. We connect culture and creativity.

Museums, Exhibitions and Foundations

Our design thinking guides us to research the most functional design for well-structured institutions – like museums or other physical places – or organizational institutions like foundations. We believe that design should provide solutions to problems through the identification of the client’s needs. It is a service that addresses service providers.

Festivals and Trade Shows

A festival is a fluid brand: it changes year after year, and by necessity is always different from the previous edition. We design visual identities for events, exhibitions and trade shows, and articulate them in all their contact points to create new digital and physical experiences. We really enjoy attending festivals, as much as creating beautiful designs for them.

Publishing Industry

A book is way more than text between two covers. A book is a project, an interconnected system of choices where beauty is created through function. We believe that a good editorial project originates from the ambition to build a relationship with the reader. We give shape to contents and make them accessible and engaging.

Do you have a new project in mind?

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us and tell us about your cultural project.

Bunker is an independent cultural planning studio. We specialize in visual identity, as well as book and web design. We design experiences for the cultural, publishing and corporate world.

Who we are

Our projects always build on research, development, and shared ideas. Here you can find some of the projects we’ve created over the years.