Digital Design

We narrate your brand online.

The digital world is experiential and immersive, and can express in a unique way all the potential of narrations. Our extensive knowledge in design, programming and art direction allows us to combine creativity, technology and technical analysis in the websites and social strategies that we create. We design robust frameworks, user-friendly interfaces, and engaging content. The online narration of your brand is multichannel, accessible and streamlined.


Websites or apps are complex interactive objects, and good design shows users the beauty of their content. That’s why we rely on information architecture to create clear navigation paths. We focus on streamlined content organization, usability and correct design of digital structures that can enrich the navigation experience.


Design and development are our speciality, and that’s because we never separate the mockup from html development. Our graphic designers and developers team up to create websites that fully highlight the mission and vision of your project and guarantee a solid, functional and efficient architecture.

Social Media

Curating a brand also means considering its presence on social media. Together with external partners, we start from the client’s needs to provide social strategies, visual identities and multichannel projects. Storytelling, aesthetics and design are the foundation of our social projects.

Do you have a new project in mind?

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Bunker is an independent cultural planning studio. We specialize in visual identity, as well as book and web design. We design experiences for the cultural, publishing and corporate world.

Who we are

Our projects always build on research, development, and shared ideas. Here you can find some of the projects we’ve created over the years.