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Più Libri 2018. Back into the Cloud

Più Libri 2018. Back into the Cloud

For the fifth year in a row, we went back among books and in the clouds, with the campaign for Più Libri Più Liberi 2018.

Ops! We did it again! The campaign for Più Libri Più Liberi 2018 was built on the success of the 2017 edition, which welcomed over 100,000 attendees. This time we decided to pair the logo and images of this wonderful location with the work by Ilaria Turba, a visionary photographer and visual artist. This choice was consistent with our past campaigns and once again involved the partnership with an artist/illustrator. We wanted to further this tradition because it gives us the unique and vital chance to share a moment of creative exchange, and most of all, we enjoy it a lot.

The book trade show Più Libri takes place inside La Nuvola, the cloud-shaped convention centre designed by Studio Fuksas. And the shape that Ilaria carved out from the wavy lines of Fuksas’ cloud is precisely a book, which gives her images a poetic touch that perfectly fits the 2018 edition, devoted to a New Humanism.

The 17th edition of Più Libri Più Liberi took place in Rome from December 5th to December 9th 2018. The attendance was in line with last year’s edition, with around 100,000 visitors, who came to explore the large number of exhibitors and the outstanding cultural program curated by Silvia Barbagallo. Well done, everyone!

“I wasn’t sure I could interact with such an important structure, with such a peculiar physicality and aesthetics. Then I chose to do what kids do, letting myself go looking for shapes inside the cloud. And the first shape I found was a book.”

— Ilaria Turba