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Lazy Dog E-Commerce

Lazy Dog E-Commerce

In 2014 we’ve become partners of Lazy Dog, a publishing house that specializes in typography, calligraphy, graphic design and illustration. As a first step, we redefined the online experience for their e-shop.

It goes without saying: the first requirement that we ask from an e-commerce website, is that it should clearly showcase the products. In the case of a publishing house, it should describe the book, its content and its technical features. Above all, it should show two-page spreads from some of the most significant pages, as these attract the user and show the quality of the editorial project.

Lazy Dog website is based on such simple assumption, starting from the home page: here the books are divided in horizontal bands that spread along the whole page. The subpage for each book follows the same rationale: for each horizontal band, we have the book cover, the description, the open page spreads, the author’s biography, some emotional images, the reviews, the news, and related products.

We’ve also designed a structured social campaign on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to communicate the publishing house’s successes and news, as well the book presentations by the authors.