Onde Nostre

“Onde Nostre” is the first book that we designed for Lazy Dog. It collects a fast-paced flow of images that portray the lives on the waves of this community of surfers, film makers and photographers, and includes a CD with the tracks from the short films that you can watch online.


“I based everything on that part of the sea called the beach, which is the border between common civilization and dreams, and in the end... I chose to live the dream.” David Pecchi

Onde Nostre is a collective of surfers, film makers and photographers dedicated to preserving and communicating the spirit of surfing through images and documentaries like Ritratti di surf and Peninsula.

Guarda dove ti ho portato is the first book we designed for Lazy Dog Press, the publishing house that we are partners with and art directors for. The book extensively explores the Italian surf culture with stunning emotional pictures, super 8 video clips and short notes from the protagonists. The whole experience is enhanced by the unique strokes by Luca Barcellona, whose lettering helps expressing and conveying the project philosophy, starting from the book cover.

Journeys are typically accompanied by music, and Onde Nostre could be no exception. The book contains a CD with a selection of the great tracks from the short films that can be watched online.