360PAY is a company with a history, for which we have already undertaken initial redesign work of the brand and the corporate website. Over the years, its set-up has changed: from a group of companies providing logistics services to a series of functional business units. The latest entrepreneurial step centred on unifying all the brands in favour of integrated services communication.

The progress of 360PAY allowed us to retrace our steps, experiment with new corporate rebrandingsolutionsand work in parallel with the client’s changes. For the new project, we redesigned the Group's name and corporate identity, reorganised the storytelling with a centralised and client-centred approach, and gave the website a new set-up.

Important work was undertaken in terms of brand architecture. The brands of the individual companies in the Group were unified and a single tone of voice and visual language to use in order to communicate with the target audience were researched.

To simplify the multi-faceted storytelling, we involved the illustrator Jonathan Calugi. His simple strokes and his use of a single symbol to construct the entire illustration reinforce the sense of the ‘full circle solution’ payoff of 360PAY.

We decided to enhance the illustrations by Jonathan Calugi by animating them in native format for the Web. Withthis solution the beauty of creativity does not need to be sacrificed for the sake of functionality: the loading of the website is light, also optimised for mobile devices, yet visibly varied and impressive

As with 360PAY, during the life of a brand many things can change. At Bunker, you will find a reliable partner to contact for corporate rebranding. Once, or several times!