Arrangements is the new lamp created by English designer Michael Anastassiades who was inspired by the parallel existing between lighting and jewelry.

Flos approached us to develop a web configurator to represent/visu multiple combinations of its light elements.

We developed a 3D model for a 360° view user experience from desktop to mobile.

The user can add and move the various geometric light elements, in an abstract space with or without the presence of a table. The choice of elements depends only on the ceiling height set by user and the maximum power limit.

The configurator developed with VueJs, will be deployed both in the official Flos website to present the product and as part of the Flos USA e-commerce. Customers will choose the desired combination thanks to a customized stand alone version for the stores.

The Arrangements configurator was presented during the Milan 2018 Designweek in the Flos showroom.

Credits: @Fasanotto courtesy by Flos