Business Journals by Il Sole 24 Ore


In 2014, Il Sole 24 Ore asked us to work with them to renew their large offer of business tools.

Year 2016 - In corso

For this project, we completely redesigned many of their paper journals, and developed the corresponding websites.

Guida al DirittoSettimana Fiscale and Guida al Lavoro are among the most influential titles that lawyers, accountants, and labour consultants use every week to keep up with the latest information.

Each journal contains a great variety of articles, tables, summary charts, commentaries, sentences and law articles. For each one of these tools, we developed the clearest and most readable layout possible, both on paper and for screens of various sizes.

For the journal covers, we introduced a chromatic scheme to be used for all publications on law, taxation, etc.

Throughout the journal, we used the Il Sole 24 Ore corporate font consistently. And we asked several young Italian photographers to capture pictures based on various themes that will be developed during one year of work.

The websites include all the contents from the paper journals, that can be browsed on computers, tablets and smartphones in responsive HTML format. In addition, together with the various editors, we developed a series of indexes and advanced search tools, so that business readers can take full advantage of the capabilities offered by these digital contents.

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