Carraro: Sustainability Report 2018


We chose Martina Zena’s pencil portraits to represent Carraro’s faces and people for the Sustainability Report 2018.

Year 2018
Service Illustrations

In 2019, our long-term partnership with Carraro was further strengthened with the design and production of the Sustainability Report and the new identity for Carraro Social Responsibility, the branch of the company that coordinates their yearly activities and policies regarding sustainability.

For Carraro, sustainability primarily means shifting the focus on people. And their people are a diverse group of employees and managers that come from three different continents, who contribute to the Group’s growth not only as a work force but also with their cultural heritage.

We asked Martina Zena to represent this richness. And she used the camera lucida technique to draw over three days about 130 portraits of employees and managers who work in Carraro’s Campodarsego headquarters.

Camera lucida is an optical device with a pair of lenses, which allows the artist to see both the drawing and the subject at the same time. The strokes physically follow the face lines that are projected onto paper, capturing even the smallest movements and expressions to create the final result.

We then collected all portraits in a series of compositions that we used for the cover and the openings of each chapter in the Report.

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