Carraro Visual Identity


Carraro is an international group that leads the industry of power transmission systems, with production plants in Italy, India, Argentina, China, Germany, and the United States.

Year 2006 - 2016
Service Brand identity

The Group is organized in three main business areas, with their core business as manufacturers of transmissions, axles and precision components, the design and production of special tractors, and solutions for renewable energy, including inverters for photovoltaic systems and gearing for wind power generators.

We started working with Carraro in 2006 when we restyled their Annual Report, which is one of the most important communication tools of their Group. Since then, we’ve worked on all aspects of their brand identity and created a deep integration between online and offline strategies. We’ve kept the original Carraro brand and added colour variations to their corporate palette in order to mark their fields of operation. We’ve redefined their basic identity using the strong Amplitude font for the headlines and the Miller font for body texts. This is a modern serif font that ensures readability in longer and more complicated copy. However, the various specific contexts have often allowed for a more relaxed typographical approach.

As a strong core element of the whole communication strategy, every year we ask a different artist to give their own personal interpretation of the Carraro world. We’ve picked up and renewed this tradition, and transferred it from the Annual Report to all their communication tools, including their house organ Quintaruota, the calendar, and the archigraphy for their production plants. We’ve taken the same care in developing their online strategy: the Carraro website as well as those of the main companies in the Group have a common design grid to maintain the same family feeling while navigating from one website to another.

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