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«When I look at a piece of furniture or a project, the first thing I always ask myself is: what’s its purpose? How am I going to use it? There are so many things around, that designing a new product today is a challenge. Beauty and function. The history of my life has taught me that what’s beautiful is useful and what’s useful is beautiful.» (Maddalena De Padova)

Year 2006 - 2008

De Padova is one of the most famous brands in Italy and worldwide. And it’s been a great honour for us that they trusted us to work on their Home Catalogue, for consumers, as well as on their Contract Catalogue, for business customers. Between 2006 and 2008, we completely renewed both of them, taking into consideration aspects like their graphic design, typography and the organization of their products. We chose to use large white backgrounds with double-page photo spreads. Information is organized in a clear and simple way, and the page layout reflects the lightness that has always characterized the products in the collections by Ms. De Padova.

Nel 2011 abbiamo rinnovato il sito web dell’azienda, seguendo lo stesso rigore progettuale, e promuovendo un approccio consapevole alla loro presenza sui principali social network.

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