Corporate and product social media, the parallel paths of Carraro communication


How can a traditional brand reach multiple target groups? We separated the institutional core from the B2B core and brought a company with a powerful tradition to TikTok. It was amazing!

Year 2018 - In corso

As part of our long-standing partnership with Carraro, after the rebranding, corporate identity and corporate publishing project, we led the company into the world of social media. Being present online, on Facebook, LinkedIn and even TikTok, is another step towards extending brand storytelling. The path taken was one of organic growth, which started after lengthy strategic analysis.

We immediately asked ourselves how the two cores that make up the brand could differ in their storytelling, one more institutional and the other targeting end consumers. The answer is simple: different channels and messages for different target groups. 

So, we designed one strategy for Carraro S.p.A. and another for Carraro Tractors. Both companies independently pursue parallel paths on social media towards a single goal: to spread company values, improve brand reputation and build relationships with the target audience.

Hence, the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter channels of the Carraro Group address stakeholders, shareholders and suppliers, whereas Carraro Tractors dialogues with the very lively target audience of tractor drivers on Facebook and Instagram. To engage the latter target group more, we then took a leap ahead of the client's competitors by opening an informal TikTok profile to get closer to users.

Digital media has unique potential, however it’s important to choose the right social platform for the type of business. In doing so, design helps us plan online brand storytelling that is accessible, fluid and multichannel.

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