Corporate Storytelling at its best: the Carraro Group Annual Review


How photographic corporate storytelling can transform a company's annual review. Our project in collaboration with Mattia Balsamini.

Year 2019 - 2020

A company is made up of people - we know this - but how can we best convey this message in an annual report while giving due importance to the brand and to people? This is the question we asked ourselves when creating Fotogrammi di vita Carraro, the photo reportage, edited by Mattia Balsamini, that we decided to include in the Carraro Group Annual Review 2020.

A story about the company's people and its production spaces. A truly valuable work of corporate storytelling and artistic research into fragments of everyday life.

What makes this storytelling project special is its communicative approach, primarily intended for investors and shareholders: the Annual Review is an important communication tool for Carraro, a business card full of information on productivity, services and, above all, values.

And the values promoted by Carraro include the importance of making employees feel they are an active part of a successful business. We therefore offered to tell the story of life in the various factories through the eyes of the photographer Mattia Balsamini, initially with a calendar, and then with a special dossier included in the annual review.

The photos, taken between 2019 and 2020, capture the company’s daily work and its different facets: the products, the premises, the production process and its key players. Once the pictures had been collected and selected, we took care of the editing and layout, creating diptychs with the photos either overlapping or paired.

The result is a corporate storytelling project with an extremely artistic slant that perfectly embraces the style of Carraro, a company that has always had an eye for art and beauty. For instance, the Fondazione Chiara e Francesco Carraro.

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