Corporate Website of Mondadori Group


Redesigning the corporate website for Mondadori Group has been one of the most interesting challenges that we have worked on. This project allowed us to better understand the life of a publishing house that is increasingly becoming the leader of the cultural and entertainment landscape in Italy.

Year 2015 - 2016
Service Digital design

The information architecture that we used for this project is based on the guidelines developed by Lundquist to examine international best practices that listed and non-listed companies adopt to build their corporate websites. This analysis is published every year through the Webranking results by Comprend.

In addition to designing the website proper, we also created a set of specific tools to share ideas more easily among the large working group that this project required.

Also, in order to organize all the content of such a large corporate website in the best possible way, we had to coordinate and condense the contributions by many different stakeholders.

We first worked on the content map to identify the main sections and pages for the website, then we started building various navigable prototypes. At the beginning, they were very simple and focused on listing all the pages and sections, without any information about the graphic style.

When we moved on to analysing the content for the website, we refined our prototype by defining a system of building blocks, a sort of visual alphabet that we could use to compose every single page, in accordance with the methodology of Atomic Design.

Using this methodology, we identified and designed each element for the website. We started from smaller screen sizes and adapted them to higher resolutions. In addition to the usual textual elements, we prepared tables (which also are responsive), infographics, organization charts, maps, archives, the search engine, navigation menus and all the multimedia elements.

At the same time, we worked on the graphic style of the website, and chose two modern typefaces that look great on larger screens as well as smartphones: Noe Display for headlines with larger sizes and Urban Grotesk for other headlines and body text.

For the headers, we selected some beautiful photos of the headquarters from Mondadori archive, which were designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

For this project, graphic designers and developers worked closely together from the very beginning: the various rounds of graphic design and HTML/CSS/JS development have followed each other to create newer and better navigable prototypes time after time. When we reached the final production, we handed it over to Mondadori IT team who integrated it into WordPress.

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