DIG Festival is one of the major European events dedicated to quality journalism. To Modena, it brings big names in the field of information, as well as activists, reporters and artists who are committed to giving voice to their investigations and interpretations of reality.

Since 2015, DIG, the non-profit association of the same name as the word ‘dig’ in English, has been digging deep, beyond the surface of the mainstream media, focusing on the search for under-represented stories in the form of screenings, talks, conferences, seminars, concerts and exhibitions. After years of being active on the Adriatic coast, the festival arrives in Modena. Here, paths cross and our collaboration begins with the DIG staff and in particular, Valerio Bassan, Andrea Zini, and the documentary filmmaker Alberto Nerazzini.

Happy to collaborate on such an important event for our city, the involvement of Bunker harmonised and strengthened the identity of DIG. We redefined its identity, designed a new logo and restored the sense of journalism with unique details. For example, using the Tiempos typeface, created for editorial projects such as the revival of Times, the classic typeface used in newspapers. We felt this was a way to bring the festival closer to the theme.

In designing the new reinforced identity, we also collaborated with the artist Stefano Ricci, the illustrator who created the DIG watchdog icon. Every year, an artist is involved in redesigning the watchdog, an artistic interpretation that gives rise to all the graphic designs for the event communication.

We therefore reviewed other DIG points of contact with the public, from creating posters and videos for the new edition to overseeing the digital content. In particular, we unified the visual identity of Facebook and Instagram, using recurring graphics to develop a parallel imagery of the Festival across all channels. Social networks enabled us to describe the festival, the people behind the organisation and the speakers addressing the audience.

Our project to unify the identity by leaving traces of the brand both online and offline has increased awareness and reputation, turning this niche festival into an engaging event for all of Modena and beyond. Whereas prior to our involvement event communication was fragmented, our cross-communication activities brought about clarification.

When you have the task of redefining the identity of a brand, you need to understand how well-established it is and what scope there is for improvement. Discover our services for the cultural sector.