Fondazione Chiara e Francesco Carraro. A Look at their Collection


The new website of Fondazione Chiara e Francesco Carraro. Our research and design work for one of the most important Venetian glass collections in the world.

Year 2019
Service Digital design

The new website of Fondazione Chiara e Francesco Carraro comes to life after an extensive preparatory work of research and art direction, targeted at producing a tool that allows users to best experience the high quality of such invaluable content.

Collezione Carraro is one of the most significant collections in Italy for decorative arts. Our contribution was part of the relocation process of their pieces at Ca’ Pesaro Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna in Venice, Italy.

We wanted to maintain the relationship and dialogue between the individual pieces without compromising Chiara and Francesco Carraro’s collection, so we decided to shoot new photos of each single piece. The task was assigned to the photographer Enrico Fiorese, who specializes in Murano artistic glass and focuses on the interaction between colours, light and transparencies.

In choosing how to position the pieces for every single shot to create an interaction among them, we had two goals in mind.

The importance of details

The work on lights allowed us to shoot photos that highlight the complexity of the individual pieces, with their hidden peculiarities that are only visible to a very watchful eye and are impossible to see in person. The layout, crops and choice of images create an extremely precise viewing experience, which allows us to explore the collection from a privileged point of view, as if we could hold the pieces in our hands, touch them and observe them in every detail.

Telling the story of the collection and the role of the collector who created it.

Objects talk to each other, they have a story and are interconnected. The dialogue between artworks and objects that exists in Chiara and Francesco Carraro’s private house has been reproduced in the relocation of the individual pieces at Ca’ Pesaro, as well as in the website structure and in the layout of artworks. Despite being experienced on screen, the collection should still preserve its story and the work of people who have assembled it over the years. And for this reason we chose 14 pieces and described them in a more detailed way. The home page shows the “The Collection’s Masterpieces” arranged along a virtual corridor, where you can see them side by side as they are in real life. In the individual pages, full-page images and close-ups allow us to explore each masterpiece and observe all their hidden details.

“We couldn’t allow ourselves to show the collection as an image gallery. Each photo tells a story, each piece is part of a narration that connects it to the collection and the collector. Our goal was to preserve this story and celebrate this connection.”

— Frederic Argazzi ( Digital Director, Bunker)

We presented the new website of Fondazione Chiara e Francesco Carraro on Saturday, September 7, 2019 at Ca’ Pesaro Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna during the opening of Venice Glass Week.

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