Food for soul: ethic and aesthetic


A new visual identity and website for Food for Soul network: founded by chef Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore, it is a no profit organization working with social projects against food waste

Year 2018 - In corso

Our collaboration with Food for Soul started when they asked us to design logo and website of Refettorio Felix at St Cuthbert's, in London. It is the third of the Refettorio network planned by Massimo Bottura, coming after Refettorio Ambrosiano (Milano) and Refettorio Gastromotiva (Rio de Janeiro). When Refettorio Felix was launched we had the opportunity to plan and redesign Food for Soul website and the identity of the whole network.

We conceived Food for Soul identity as a modular system. A unique network where each Refettorio has its own features.

We redesigned the existing logo simplifying the shapes and choosing brighter colors, for a wider range of applications.

To plan the logo of Refettorio Felix, we found inspiration in the architecture and glass windows of St.Cuthbert church, that hosts it. This project helped us to develop the guidelines of the new network identity, that is based on simple and modular shapes, lines, and colors.

Starting from Food for Soul logo, we made up a wide palette: by combining shapes and lines with the colors, we are designing the future Refettorio logos.

We changed the existing lettering (Bodoni) using two new typefaces donated by CAST foundry: Sole Serif designed by Luciano Perondi and Arzachel designed by Riccardo Olocco.

We have already collaborated with Cast Foundry in three projects: Cast and Signs of Italy books published by our partner Lazy Dog Press, and Norme e Tributi Mese, a monthly magazine by Sole 24 ore.

Then we applied the same modular approach to the new Food For Soul website planning.

We worked on the website architecture together with the customer, following the Design Method philosophy and personas tool; we developed a browsable wireframe, using Sketch and its libraries.

Thanks to the Advanced Custom Fields Wordpress plugin, we developed a modular structure for a flexible content management. We focused on website performances optimization for a smoother user experience and shorter loading times.

Storytelling is the core of the new Food for Soul website: it tells about Refettorios experience, and stories of chefs, staff, volunteers and worldwide partners.

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