In the first three issues of the magazineFrames, we described the complex nature of doing business by means of actions, values, people, data and expertise. In the latest issue, instead, reflections and considerations were inspired by more introspective context and, above all, by the product of the AFV Beltrame Group: steel.

The introduction of some important projects implemented during 2020 is accompanied by the interpretation, sensitivity and account of the six most remarkable features of steel, assigned to just as many illustrious guests: its way of being Human (narrated by the hostess Barbara Beltrame), Circular (Carlo Carraro), Fluid (Stefano Schiavo), Versatile (Cristiana Catino) and Resilient (Bebe Vio), making it both in concrete and metaphorical terms, a Fortress (Massimiano Bucchi).

This time, the AFV Beltrame Group describes the lesser-known side of the world of steel, choosing the colourful images of Alice Piaggio, a Ligurian illustrator who sees the space of a sheet of paper and pop hues as a source of fun and playfulness. Plates change depending on the context. Each illustration consists of many parts that visually and subtly highlight texts.

Layers are merged using a Photoshop-300 DPI scanner This all led to the creation of a red-haired Hephaestus supporting a steel bridge, to the foil with its flexibility, and to the futuristic-looking company, where people and nature live together in harmony.

Over the years, the corporate magazine has grown, changed, and developed its values, content and images while maintaining the ultimate goal: to report on the company and its results in an increasingly better way.