Frames, the corporate magazine of Gruppo AVF Beltrame


From know-how to show how: how we created a corporate magazine that focuses on the various expressions of Beltrame group, from their results, to people, and sustainability. Graphic design, publishing format, as well as creative and copy selection are all 100% made in Bunker.

Year 2018 - 2019

In 2018, Gruppo AFV Beltrame asked us to create a product for the external communication of the group, a magazine mainly targeted at stakeholders and institutions, which could convey the complexity and values of their know-how from over 120 years in business.

Our contribution to this magazine covered all steps of production:

  • Selection and creation of visuals
  • Design and coordination of the editorial plan and content
  • Graphic design
  • Design and creation of infographics
  • Naming

To select and create the visuals, we started from the huge corporate archive and the images by Giovanni De Sandre. Then we partnered with Alberto Gottardo to produce ad hoc images. We visited the factory together to create a unique portray of AFV Beltrame people and manufacturing.

Our graphic design efforts went hand in hand with extensive copywriting and content production.

We chose the name Frames because we wanted a word with different meanings that could communicate the complexity of AFV Beltrame, their values, their spirit of innovation and, most of all, their identity.

Frames are the structures, and there’s nothing more relevant to the peculiarities of steel. Frames are the enclosures that allow us to define a journey made of commitment and intuitions. Frames are the levels of interaction and information through which we relate to others.

For Frames magazine we developed an editorial plan with 3 yearly issues. The graphic design was complemented by the selection and production of written content, the iconographic research, and the creation of the various infographics. One of the most significant parts of the whole Frames project was the editorial work, which was enriched with contributions by a number of guest editors, including Prof. Giovanni Costa and Prof. Paolo Gubitta who are experts in business organization, labour, and business strategies.

Our aim was to create a magazine with a high communication profile, with content focusing on industry experts, investors, stakeholders and institutions.

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