With the front-end production of the new ilsole24ore.com website and the new 24+ section, in 2019 we achieved a new goal in our partnership with the technical team and the graphic designers from “Il Sole 24 Ore”.

We contributed to the development of a well-defined style guide and modular templates that can be adapted to any publishing need.

The result is a highly-responsive container, where the modular, mobile-first structure enables an optimized experience without compromising the multiplicity and richness of the content.

The new subscription section 24+ is based on the same code that we developed for the daily newspaper. Graphics are richer, with a greater attention to detail, and we designed them to make it easier to search and read focus topics.

We also redesigned the user account section My24 following the new graphic guidelines, which is now a customized archive that can be adapted to all devices.