Inkiostro Bianco: Wallpapers and more


A website designed to best communicate the innovative and multifaceted work by Inkiostro Bianco, a young and dynamic company that leads the industry in the production of seamless surfaces and artistic decorations for indoor coverings.

Year 2016 - 2018
Service Digital design

To meet the brand’s new communication and positioning needs, we structured the website into sections that highlight not only the products as such, but also how articulated and original their production is. The website layout is inspired to those used by fashion brands, with an emphasis on the various collections. We also combined the typical elements of interior design websites with case studies and the contract section.

The new home page showcases the diverse activities that characterize Inkiostro Bianco: not only products but also events, research and training.

To streamline the browsing experience and access to information, we designed a filtered search organized by style, kind of surface, material and collection, with a collapsible side menu that allows users to fully experience the images.

The product information pages are the real focus of our design project, and link to all other sections of the website. Each product page is organized to enable access to related products, the designer, materials and usage.

To emphasize the images of each product and its various usages and make them clearer, we employed parallax scrolling in a particular way. We created specific before/after simulations that automatically activate when you scroll the page down, to highlight the integration between the wallpapers and the environments where they are applied.

For the new Inkiostro Bianco website we’ve chosen the GT Walsheim font, which draws inspiration from the posters by Otto Baumberger, a Swiss artist and designer from the first half of 19th century.

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