“What does a cloud smell like? What colour is the sky at 3 pm? Is it possible to see the sea from over there?”

La Grande Estate originates from the summer workshop held by Olimpia Zagnoli in Castagneto Carducci (Livorno, Italy) in August 2016. This book marks the beginning of a partnership with the cultural venue Mutty from Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantua, Italy). Olimpia Zagnoli, invited by Mutty to hold a summer workshop, accepted the challenge to explore a new expressive territory: the landscape. The volume reveals her entire creative process, from her precise and subtle observations and dissections of perceived reality – using techniques that are new for her – to the capsizing of colours and the re-construction of the landscapes with her signature style, to transmitting a vision of that transformed reality.

The book, edited by Melania Gazzotti, is available at Lazy Dog Press.

The volume is designed to show readers the artist’s research and process – from the sketches to the digital illustrations to Olimpia’s delightful text – to appreciate and understand her extraordinary work.

A novelty within a novelty, this book shares the point of view one of the most renowned Italian illustrators and is a must-have for illustrators and aficionados alike: new subject matter, new techniques, new approach. In the sign of an unmistakable style, the landscape featured here is seen through the big, round glasses of Olimpia Zagnoli.