“If my job were a colour, it would be a rainbow, because it has many different tones, like Millutensil.”

When a company want to celebrate an important anniversary, there’s always a risk of indulging in self-congratulation. To avoid that, for the 60th anniversary of Millutensil we chose to create a high-quality photography project.

The team leader was Giulia Zorzi from the bookstore/gallery Micamera. She involved Bunker for the graphic part of the project, as well as Ilaria Turba, an author who specializes in team projects. The idea was to develop a multi-layered journey, resulting in an original photography series that tells Millutensil history through the lives and work of their people.

It basically became a “polyphonic story” about the company, which involved directors, employees and some foreign contributors: they were sent a questionnaire with the aim of collecting information, images and objects that became the foundation for the whole project.

From archive images to technical documents, from postcards to super 8 video clips, portraits and production reportages, the material we collected was so vast that we decided to do a first selection, print it, and spread it on three long desks to get an overall view of everything. After further selecting the final content, we developed the idea to create the page layout as a continuous flow of images. We connected them based on their meaning, association of ideas or contrast, and interspersed them with short historical narrations and meaningful statements that were collected through interviews.