After developing the websites for the digital magazines Grazia, Panorama and Donna Moderna, Mondadori hired us to design the new websites of Mondadori Books and Mondadori Books for Young Readers. The existing websites were obsolete; we had to rethink the Information Architecture, as well as the overall graphic project.

To do so, we first had to understand how a publishing house works, the various stages of a literary work, and the differences between the paper and digital version of a book. This allowed us to design a website that highlights the relations between the various series, works, authors, and events.

For every single page, we developed solutions that are now common on all websites, including social media buttons and blogs (they were very important at the time, do you remember?), or the integration with various e-commerce websites that sell both paper and digital books.

In addition, we adapted all information and navigation paths on the website for the navigation on smartphones.