Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari


When Fondazione Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari and the Municipality of Modena unveiled the new museum that celebrates our most famous citizen, they chose Bunker to develop the visual design.

Year 2012 - 2014

We worked on many different aspects: from defining the brand, which we completed and deployed from an idea of the Architect Andrea Morgante, to the social strategy that started 6 months before the opening and involved a blog and posts on social media. These described the story of Enzo Ferrari’s life, the design principles behind the Museum, additional events, and useful information. We also helped in defining many of the tools that the Museum needed, including signage, marketing materials, the official catalogue, as well as the catalogues for temporary exhibitions.

Building this museum meant significant efforts in terms of money, and its architecture has redefined the look of Modena. As a result, the Municipality wanted to share the moment, with the whole town to join in the celebrations for the opening. The historic city centre and the streets leading to the museum were decorated in yellow, i.e. the colour that identifies Modena, the Ferrari badge, and the museum roof. In addition, getting the idea from Enzo Ferrari’s personality, we took his iconic black glasses – which he started wearing after his son Dino passed away – and used them in banners as a symbol, together with some of his most famous quotes.

Every 6-8 months, the Museum organizes a new exhibition and changes all the cars on display. We designed the campaign and catalogues for the two exhibitions “The Great Challenges Ferrari-Maserati” and “Grand Prix”, which celebrates Formula 1 racing cars between 1951 and 1994. To do that, we involved Sante Lusuardi, the illustrator that has always worked for Ferrari. His tempera plates perfectly managed to convey the sports atmosphere of those years.

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