Mutty is a three-faceted experience with a single brand identity coordinated by Bunker

Mutty is an independent bookshop, an exhibition space and a natural cuisine. Several worlds in just one place, represented by a single, coordinated brand identity.

Year 2016 - In corso

The key components in shaping a brand identity include identifying essential elements and designing the graphics for social media. Most digital information is conveyed through creative images, leading to greater interaction and building people’s loyalty.

When Mutty asked us to redesign its brand, we also considered reshaping its communication and coordinated online and offline presence, evoking the beauty that revolves around the cultural space.

As with every brand identity project, we began with the logo, the existing one in this case. We adjusted the proportions and devised a pay-off to represent the multi-faceted nature of Mutty: exhibitions - books - cuisine. We then gave the three facets of Mutty a personality, each with its own customised colour palette and visual appeal, yet coordinated by the central brand image.

More specifically, we focused on the letter ‘Y’, a wide-ranging element in representing activities in the space. The ‘Y’ is always present in graphics for social media, however it varies depending on the format and the nature of the event. For exhibitions, the letter is replaced by the logo in order to make promotional communication easier.

Our study of Mutty's image went beyond the digital aspect. We adapted catalogues, bookmarks, labels, wrapping paper and other materials for restaurants, events and exhibitions to the brand image. Such painstaking work, liaising with our client, involved not only restyling the logo but also promoting exhibitions and graphic design for social media.

When you have the task of redefining the identity of a brand, you need to understand how well-established it is and what scope there is for improvement. Discover our services for the cultural sector.

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