The New Corporate Identity for Carraro Group


Decades of expertise and new technologies: our answer to Carraro Group communication needs, who wanted to maintain a mainly institutional approach without neglecting product information and b2b relations.

Year 2018 - 2019

Redesigning a corporate website that answers the client’s needs required us first of all to redefine their communication priorities. To identify the contents and goals, we undertook a long preparatory work: our operation team prepared interviews that we gave to members of the management team and employees in Italy and abroad, and organised a series of workshops and hands-on sessions with the marketing and communication team. With these workshops we were able to identify prospect users and business personas, as well as define the content structure and architecture.

We classified and reorganised the content of the old website. We divided all corporate documents from 2002 in categories and made them available for download. And while we were filing and cataloguing the old materials, our partners from Btwo Factory started writing new copy and SEO content.

To develop the new website, we used October, a CMS based on Laravel framework. With October we were able to best manage the structure in three languages: Italian, English and Chinese. Our developers helped us optimising the multilingual management by identifying bugs and anomalies. We chose to replace the old code base in Django with October because we needed to maintain the same reliability and performance while using a more modern and technically more advanced CMS.

This project also gave us the opportunity to work on Carraro Group wealth of images and revise their corporate identity in a broader way. The result is a more modern identity that is better aligned with an international company like Carraro Group. To help us creating it, we partnered once again with Enrico Moretti for product assets, who shot photos of axles, tractors and transmission gears, and Alberto Gottardo for the institutional and corporate image, who shot photos at Campodarsego headquarters and other Italian plants of Carraro Group.

When it comes to typography, we retired the old pair of fonts Amplitude/Miller that had been used for Carraro identity since 2006. The new fonts, Averta by Kostas Bartsokas and Mercury by Hoefler&Co. are a more modern solution, that perfectly fits the new graphics and communication goals of Carraro Group.

In designing the new corporate website and identity of Carraro Group we were able to leverage from over ten years of partnership, which proves that solid and durable relationships are a success for everyone.

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