Norme&Tributi Mese


Norme&Tributi Mese journal covers topics including taxation, accounting, and corporate law. Working for them gave us the chance to deal with complex and intricate themes, using a streamlined, well-balanced, and graphically refined tool.

Year 2014 - In corso

With the experience gained with their business journals, Il Sole 24 Ore publishing group asked us to design Norme&Tributi Mese, their focus and analysis tool for professionals. Since it first launched, this journal has always aimed at providing high quality contents, with an editorial board that includes the most influential and popular names in this field.

For this project, we’ve received an exceptional creative freedom, which reflected in several great choices. The cover, for example, only includes the masthead and the illustration. This year it has been assigned to the young and talented Ray Oranges, and his minimal and almost metaphysical style is like a new surprise every month. Ray has chosen the colour palette as well, which is used inside the journal to introduce the editorial and the articles.

The journal contains very technical texts that are strongly characterized by their authors, so we needed visual elements that could ease the rhythm. We’ve conceived several options, and eventually decided to use some typographical compositions.

We’ve involved Anonima Impressori, who have opened for us their repository of lead and wood types.

Together, we choose a different type family for every new issue, and use it with the overall colour palette to introduce all articles, as well as for the monograms of the editorial board members.

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