Più libri più liberi 2014


We deeply love books. We read them, we design them, and we enjoy sniffing them when they are hot off the press.

Year 2014

So it has been a great pleasure for us to design the 2014 campaign for Più libri più liberi, the National Trade Show of Small and Medium Publishers that takes place every year in Rome, Italy, at Palazzo dei Congressi in the EUR district.

“È tempo di leggere” was the claim for advertising posters, buses, the website, and the app: “It’s time to read” is an invitation to do that, anytime, anywhere. So we envisioned three characters: a girl, a young man and a young woman. They’re immersed in their books, in the unravelling of the story, while sitting on a tree branch, a bench, and a swing. These are real places, yet ironical, light-hearted and poetical.

Our partner in, and unrivalled interpreter of, the creation of this message was our friend Olimpia Zagnoli, who manages to depict a whole world with just a few lines, and colour it with tones that can be grasped and recognized at first sight.

The girl sitting barefoot on the branch with her legs dangling in the air, for example, reminds us of the light-hearted afternoons spent by Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

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