Prestigio Travertino – Eternal Harmony


Conveying the aesthetic appeal of a product that combines classic with contemporary

Year 2022
Service Digital design

On the occasion of the international trade fair Coverings 2022, we created a landing page for Ceramiche Refin to present a material that reinterprets the age-old charm of travertine with a contemporary twist.

Art and nature at the service of design

The use of photography and variable typography link the past to the present, tradition to evolution. 

Images are enriched with 3D effects. The classic serif typeface changes in thickness, altering the end of strokes and angles to become a sans serif typeface closer to modern sensitivities. The design was created and modified from the open-source Cormorant Garamond project by Christian Thalmann.

Browsing and storytelling rely entirely on scrolling, with a succession of bands designed to reveal all product information and features. This refined and simple solution meets the needs of the new home range from Refin.

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