Sistema Frizzera – The Professional Series from Il Sole 24 Ore


The restyling and graphic design of the professional series from Il Sole 24 Ore – the guides and codes targeted at professionals in the tax industry.

Year 2019

The Frizzera series from Il Sole 24 Ore is aimed at helping professionals in their day-to-day business. For this reason we wanted the graphic design to remind the style of manuals, so that we could address a high level of complexity as well as the need for regular updates.

To design the guide books and codes in the Frizzera Series, we started from analysing the web contents and the structure of other products published by Il Sole 24 Ore Group, then we moved on to selecting and simplifying all the materials we had.

The series includes three different categories:

  • guide books
  • codes
  • consolidated laws

The colour palette and the graphic design of the covers recall the various categories and highlight the relation between the guide books and the corresponding codes.

The interiors follow a preset style guide that we designed after analysing all the different cases that can be found in the various books of the series. We created a system of dimensioned templates that can be integrated in Méthode, the Content Management System used to produce each book.

We also adjusted internal hierarchies. The book contents are very complex, with many links as well as internal and external cross-references, so we chose the weight system, indentations and grey colour to help the reader experience.

The new graphic layout accounts for the regular updates that occur every six months. We designed it to streamline searching and navigating the various content levels that are integrated in Frizzera hypertext system, which allows users to retrieve cross-references and links to all paper and web-based publications by Il Sole 24 Ore.

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