A tool that is tailored on students’ and teachers’ needs, to improve their search and browsing experience.

Year 2018 - 2019
Service Digital design

We tailored the new website of Mondadori Education to answer the specific needs of teachers and students, as a functional and responsive tool for the complete search- and buy-flow of learning materials.

We worked on content architecture by completely rearranging their catalogue and redefining the relationship between visuals and text.

Through detailed analysis of the User Experience, we were able to work on information usability and pinpoint the specific needs of the various target users: research, buying options, resources, and training.

We started from the outdated pre-existing structure and worked by bearing in mind the various key issues that such a complex entity like Mondadori Education poses, with over 15 publishers of learning resources, essays, university textbooks, magazines and dictionaries.

The new structure allows the user to perform a direct search from all pages. The search feature acts on both the catalogue (title, author, ISBN code, subject and keywords) and the website contents, such as events and training.

The most significant new feature affects the product page of each single volume. We designed and organised each product page with different theme sections: short and long description, table of contents, digital resources and buyflow. Cover images are larger than they were on the old website and show the actual book format and size.

One of the most innovative features is the option for teachers who are registered to the portal Hub Scuola to request their free digital copy directly from the catalogue. The detailed plan of each volume and the various buying options are available through simple and comprehensive tables that are directly linked to Mondadori store.

The menu gives access to the tool Find an agent, which allows teachers to contact the agents based on their areas of expertise and location.

The result is a dynamic website, with a high content flexibility and a scalable information architecture that adapts to the various users, which enables a customised browsing experience that focuses on individual needs.

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