The New Do ut Do Website


We’ve joined the ethical revolution by do ut do, an initiative that organizes cultural activities to fund the Fondazione Hospice MT. Chiantore Seràgnoli. We designed their new website and are their technical partners for the 2018-2019 edition.

Year 2018 - 2019
Service Digital design

When we first met Maurizio Marinelli from Fondazione Isabella Seràgnoli, we immediately related to the mission and vision of do ut do charity initiative, and understood we wanted to be part of this project. Their name comes from the Latin expression “do ut des” and literally means to give in order to give, so that’s what we decided to do.

In developing the new website for do ut do, we decided to put our expertise, curiosity and best creative abilities into a project that testifies how the sensitivity of one person can and should become the responsibility of the community as a whole, targeted at achieving measurable common goals.

Sponsored by Associazione Amici della Fondazione Hospice MT. Chiantore Seràgnoli and aimed at raising funds for Fondazione Hospice, the mission and efforts of the project do ut do well describe and are in line with our vision that creativity should also be a social responsibility.

“Partnering in this project was a great momentum builder for Bunker. With common goals and principles, together with do ut do and their protagonists we developed a connection and a large archive, a technological platform that fully enhances the aesthetics of the website. This journey, which we share with outstanding personalities from the art and civil world, will continue with the catalogue for the 2018-2019 edition.”

— Frederic Argazzi

We treated do ut do as if it was a museum or a biennial art exhibition. So we decided to focus the graphic and aesthetic design of the website on the artworks, with a layout that highlights all the assets and stakeholders of the project: artworks, artists, contributors, partners and technical partners. The result is an archive with over 200 comprehensive artwork descriptions, over 230 descriptions of the supporters, and the capability of browsing all editions: a technological platform that fully highlights the mission and vision of the project and connects all these elements through a fluid and non-linear browsing experience.

"We didn’t want the typical set of pages and posts: we needed to implement a simple-to-administer network of different content types in various many-to-many relationships.

For this reason, we chose to use October, a CMS based on Laravel framework. This allowed us to leverage a robust development workflow, with many out-of-the-box features and an efficient architecture.

The backend development is entirely based on YAML configuration files, which is very intuitive and can be easily expanded according to the type of content."

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