Technogym. Let’s move for a better world


A people-centric corporate communication project. Stories and images to describe the Technogym approach to sustainability.

Year 2019 - 2020

The Technogym world

Technogym is a wellness solution provider with branches in more than 100 countries worldwide. Since the 1980s, thanks to heavy investment in research and technology, the company has made its mark on the market and become a benchmark brand for fitness equipment. To date, about 50 million people train using Technogym equipment, a number that contributes to the company being defined as “global experts in physical activity”.

Let’s move for a better world

“Let’s move for a better world” is the Technogym campaign aimed at promoting the idea of wellness as social responsibility,

 Our contribution embraced the need to communicate the company’s approach to sustainability as an integral part of its core business. The Social Responsibility Report 2019 therefore originated as a mission statement by Technogym, a company that wants to inspire an approach to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Research was based on the need to focus on people, places and designing work and living spaces. 

The photos of the Technogym Village in Cesena, with an insert dedicated to the architecture of Antonio Citterio, describe a company that considers Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility one of the key factors in its development.

Focus on details

Not only non-financial reporting but also a magazine intended for stakeholders. A magazine that, along with numbers and statistics, gives scope to storytelling while reinforcing an image and a story about Technogym as a promoter of wellness. This was made possible also thanks to lengthy production work and carefully edited textual content, created with the collaboration of the copywriter Francesca Modena.

Special attention was given to the need to describe the company’s immense vitality and its many in-house initiatives devoted to promoting sport and an active lifestyle among its employees and their families.

The colours immediately reveal the visual identity of Technogym: yellow and black are alternated on pages and help to clearly highlight the infographics. The numbers are essential to the storytelling, playing a key role in the visual dimension of the story.

The graphics project for the Social Responsibility Report 2019 is included in a more elaborate system of coordinated images dedicated to corporate publications. The covers and the inner page grid were designed to adapt also to the production of the Annual Report 2019.

The choice of using corporate fonts and colours is consistent with our design approach, which aims to create long-lasting products, multifunctional tools that adapt to the client’s various needs.

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