Transfer Oil is an independent company with a global network of more than 500 clients in 70 countries. They needed to communicate not only their products, but also the high quality of their infrastructure and how efficient it is, in terms of manufacturing as well as corporate management and organization.

We completely revised the communication strategy, and involved the company top managers asking them to tell what are Transfer Oil’s strengths and main goals for the future. This allowed us to define the new communication guidelines, starting from a new payoff that conveys the company as a whole rather than just focusing on their products.

Our job then continued by defining a new corporate font, in connection with the reduction and simplification of their icons, which we redesigned consistently with the typographic style for all application fields of their products.

The main goals of our project were to reposition and enhance the brand, together with creating an original image when compared to their main competitors, with a rich system of illustrations created for us by Marco Goran Romano, one of the best international young talents. Goran’s drawings represent in a simple and direct way the vast universe of industrial production, with an uncluttered style, bright colours and an axonometric perspective that perfectly fits the multifaceted infrastructure of Transfer Oil.

In particular, we highlighted their three main sectors – Hydraulic, Industrial and Ultra High Pressure – the advantages of thermoplastic hoses and all phases of the manufacturing process.