Uppa is the publishing house specialised in childhood and parenting, edited by experts who clearly and accurately respond to the concerns of those with young children. At a time of transition in its business, the company felt the need to update its identity and approached us to redesign its brand and visual image.

Our project began with a well-defined concept: with more than twenty years of outreach, Uppa is a safety net for parents, whose authority is unquestionable. Reworking the design of an established brand like Uppa is quite a challenge. Stylistic development needs to retain certain recognisable, identifiable and established features of the image.

By asking the client to fill in a questionnaire, we understood the most important points to maintain for its identity. This allowed us to soften shapes and create a rounder logo that is closer to the visual imagery of childhood.

We focused on creating the font of the logotype, trying to unify, in detail, by making all the letters sans-serif. We focused on the ‘U’ and added two dots at the top, one leaning towards the other as if listening. This detail resembles a parent looking after a child, a hug, a smile.

We then added a final curl to the letter ‘a’ to make it more appealing. The counters of the letters ‘ppa’ play with gaps and create circles, recalling again the roundness of the typeface.

The colour palette was also refreshed with the orange colour of the Uppa brand made brighter and more customised than before.

The frank dialogue between Uppa and our graphics team made it easier to design the new brand identity. The aspect of Uppa was given a uniform look, with a new image that preserves its historic value.