Tipometamorfosi. A Concert of Dancing Fonts.

Tipometamorfosi. A Concert of Dancing Fonts.

A typographic installation and app created for the 2019 Horizontal Exhibition by Medulla and Bottega dei Gozzi, in Modena, Italy.

Every year Medulla and Bottega dei Gozzi invite about thirty artists and creative entities from our local territory to work on a common theme. This event is called Horizontal Exhibition, and we were among the guests of the 2019 edition.

The request for that year was to provide our own interpretation of the concept of metamorphosis.

From the very beginning, we had the idea that our installation should reflect the different expressions of our work, from digital to publishing and art direction. So we chose to focus on the common subject of all our souls: good typography. And we decided to pay homage to written words, which are always at the core of our production.

This is how Tipometamofosi came to life.

A concert of dancing fonts, our homage to typography that transforms and influences the way we read, see and communicate. It’s the time that flows and reminds us that we are all constantly changing.

Tipometamofosi is a Progressive Web App available for everyone to download on mobile and desktop (from Chrome).

The physical installation reproduces the various combinations of the different typefaces, and was created with digital print on Sappi Magno Volume / 100 g paper.