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Spheriens. Who Said that Lawyers are Boring?

Spheriens. Who Said that Lawyers are Boring?

For Spheriens professionals we created a tailor-made visual identity with a strong personality. And we did it by deploying our best skills: art direction, illustration and web design.

When we describe the project for the visual identity and website of the law firm Spheriens, we like defining it as an organic and comprehensive partnership experience. It was a project that engaged all our skills.

We started with the idea of combining Spheriens expertise in intellectual property with the sensitivity that many of their team members have as collectors and promoters of arts and illustrations.

We commissioned Ray Oranges, with whom we had already shared the Norme e Tributi Mese experience, to create an illustration that represents a futuristic and minimal city. Together we developed a fluid image that can be employed in many different ways.

The result was an all-round visual design experience that not only involved the traditional print and web-based communication tools, but also some physical places like the office interiors in Florence and Milan.

Ray’s illustrations are paired with minimal lettering, with a perfect balance between visibility and integration among shapes.