Publishing Industry

We design books from A to Z.

When we design a new book, we study it, develop it as a project, and hold it in our hands with the aim of sharing it with other hands.  

This is why our design services for the publishing industry are highly curated: because we know the true value of books. From the book design concept and the cover project, to the production of corporate publications, we love books. Deeply. We read them, we design them, and we enjoy sniffing them when they are hot off the press.

Book Design

A book is way more than text between two covers. A book is a project, an interconnected system of choices where beauty is created through function. We believe that a good editorial project originates from the ambition to build a relationship with the reader. We give shape to contents and make them accessible and engaging.

Cover design

A book can also be judged by its cover. This is why we think that cover design adds a great impact to book design. Creativity contributes to the commercial success of a book. Bunker knows it, and we are here to help you designing your publications together with international illustrators and photographers.

Corporate Publications

Our expertise with cultural publications enables us to create bespoke editorial projects for the corporate world. We research and develop streamlined, well-balanced and graphically refined publications that focus on complex and intricate corporate topics. From magazines to professional guidebook series, we want our designs to make their marks.

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Bunker is an independent cultural planning studio. We specialize in visual identity, as well as book and web design. We design experiences for the cultural, publishing and corporate world.

Who we are

Our projects always build on research, development, and shared ideas. Here you can find some of the projects we’ve created over the years.