Bunker is an independent cultural planning studio.

We specialize in visual identity, as well as book and web design. We develop online and offline projects for cultural institutions, the publishing industry, and companies.

We opened in 2006, and from the very start we’ve always applied the principles of good design to the development of visual and graphic solutions for corporate clients, the publishing industry, cultural institutions and digital experiences.

For us, good design is the artisan approach that we take in our works. We commit to achieve beauty through maximum functionality; our tools are technology, creativity and empathy. Our job is infused with a real design culture.

We are based in Modena, with partners in the Emilia-Romagna region and clients across Italy. Our team works in an environment of ongoing communication, with a great passion for graphic design, usability, and typography. Our masters are Munari, Noorda, Huber, Castiglioni, Magistretti, Mari and Zeldman.

Since 2014, Bunker is one of the partners of Lazy Dog Press, an independent publishing house based in Milan that specializes in visual design, illustration and photography.

Our Team

Francesco Ceccarelli

Co-Founder — Creative Director

Modena, 1971. Creative Director and partner, with over 20 years of experience. He started as a freelance graphic designer in his family’s printing business and graduated in Architecture in 2001. He is senior member of AIAP (Italian Association of Visual Communication Design) since 2017.

He co-founded Bunker in 2006. Since 2014, he is the art director of Lazy Dog, a publishing house that specializes in design, typography, illustration and photography. As a book designer, he curated La grande estate, Dandelion and I libri di Katsumi Komagata, among others.

His most significant projects include the visual identity systems for Carraro, Museo Enzo Ferrari, Più libri più liberi, Il Margine and Pimpa, as well as the book design of Pittori di cinema, L’Italia insegna, Caleidoscopica, Bob Noorda and L’architettura degli alberi.

Frédéric Argazzi

Co-Founder — Digital Director

Modena, 1974. Half Italian and half French, he is active in volunteering and President of CISV Modena (Children’s International Summer Villages), an international organization that promotes peace and mutual understanding among cultures.

In the 1990s he was so fascinated by the first websites he saw that he decided to pursue a career as web designer and developer. He co-founded Bunker in 2006 and has a 20-year long experience in digital service design, as well as in corporate and editorial communication. His goal is to help companies and cultural institutions narrating their stories online.

He engages with clients in defining their strategy, goals, content and tone of voice. He coordinates the design and production of images, texts and videos. Among the projects that he curated, his favourite ones are those for Fondazione Chiara e Francesco Carraro, Mondadori Group and Sole 24 Ore Group.

Fabio Cepelli

Creative & Art Director

Reggio Emilia, 1980 — With a degree in Communication, Design and Languages of Television, he is involved in visual identity, editorial projects and art direction. The projects that he curated include the visual identity for Carraro Group, the design of Norme&Tributi Mese journal by Il Sole 24 Ore, and the design of book series for Il Margine publishing house. Conciseness, attention for detail, and constant research are always his focus when working on projects.

Marco Comastri

Graphic & Digital Designer

Modena, 1982 — He graduated from ISIA Urbino (Higher Institute for Artistic Industries), where he met Massimo Dolcini and Michele Provinciali. From the very beginning, he looks at design as an activity at the service of people. He curates the architecture and design of web projects, as well as the visual identity of Carraro and Mondandori groups, Mondadori Education website and many professional journals by Il Sole 24 Ore. In his work he pursues to achieve the best balance among the client’s communication needs, technical constraints and target audience expectations.

Lia Roncaglia

Creative & Strategic Designer

Sassuolo, 1984 — After a bachelor’s degree in Product Design, she graduated in System Design from ISIA Roma Design. She is involved in visual identities, editorial projects and communication strategies. Among the projects that she curated we find the restyling of Pimpa book series, the campaigns for the National Trade Show of Small and Medium Publishers Più Libri Più Liberi, the visual identity for Reggio Children Foundation and the corporate website for Mondadori Group. She manages complex projects and coordinates Bunker people, achieving complete synergy among all team members. Working as a designer is like a call for Lia, to extend and spread visual and design culture.

Margherita Baraldi

Graphic Designer

Montecchio Emilia, 1995 — With a degree in Industrial and Multimedia Design, she is involved in visual identity as well as editorial and graphic design projects for cultural promotion and events. She is deeply fascinated by the design for children and the relations between simple colours and shapes. Her job allows her to find constant inspiration for her creativity. She was involved in the cover design for Il Margine book series, the graphic design for the exhibition Guardare è un gioco, the visual identity for Carraro Group, as well as the structure of Lorenzo Mattotti’s comic strips and L’architettura degli alberi.

Emanuele Bucciarelli

Web Developer

Sassuolo, 1984 — He holds a degree in Computer Engineering and has always loved web design. He specializes in front-end development. His most important projects include the new Sole 24 Ore website and the other editorial portals that belong to the same Group. He seeks to obtain precision and rationality in everything he does. He is always keen to develop complex projects that require robust modular and optimized frameworks.

Massimo Romagnoli

Web Developer, Reactive Web Designer

Carpi, 1976 — He holds a degree in Anatomical Drawing from the University of Bologna. He develops front-end and back-end web interfaces, single page applications and static sites. He codes using PHP, VueJs, Nuxt, WordPress, OctoberCms, Laravel, NodeJs, Webpack, LaravelMix and React. Over the years he has curated the digital projects for CondéNast Publications and developed the Arrangements configurator for Flos, as well as the corporate website for Carraro Group and 360pay. He has always been fascinated by the idea of reshaping data.

Alessandra Baldini

Office Manager

Modena, 1993 — After an undergraduate degree in Communication Science, she specializes in Publishing and Journalism. She oversees office accounting operations, administration and management. She has a personal inclination toward organization and efficiency that brought her closer to administrative management, which became her natural career path.

Micaela Morganti

Graphic & Digital Designer Junior

Ascoli Piceno, 1998 — With a degree in Industrial and Environmental Design and a specialization in Communication Design, Micaela works on editorial design, branding services, web design, and graphic design aimed at cultural enhancement through a unique and engaging visual identity. She is constantly on the lookout for new challenges. She has contributed to the communication of the winery DonnaFugata, the graphic design for the exhibition “Lorenzo Mattotti. Storie, ritmi, movimenti”, the visual identity for Carraro Group, and the prototyping of websites.

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