Bunker goes Bruxelles, soprattutto per piacere.

Ci siamo regalati un weekend a Bruxelles. Per trovare Audrey (Intimate),Tin Tin e l’azzurro magico dei cieli del nord.

We spend every day together. We share the same rooms, desks, countless chats on Slack, lunches at the park, at our local Railworkers’ Club, sandwiches and coffees. We share meetings, successes, failures, sadness and happiness.

But we’ve recently understood that we also enjoy being together in our free time, and that’s something we really like. So we’ve decided that from time to time (let’s say at least once a year) we’ll take a break and go somewhere, to discover new things and have fun.

In 2019 we chose Brussels, so that we could grasp the opportunity to visit the exhibition Intimate Audrey on the private life of the great star Audrey Hepburn, for which we created the lettering and graphic design.

On Friday, June 7, 2019 we left our desks and headed to G. Marconi airport in Bologna, where a Ryanair plane took us to the land of Tin Tin and chocolate.

Everyone knows that women are the most organised. And our Team Managers Lia and Margherita arranged for us a very detailed schedule complete with dinners, beer tastings, pain au chocolat and healthy walks.

This is an excerpt from our first evening, when we confirmed that women are competitive, especially when it comes to roasted ribs.

On Saturday morning, instead, we were guests of Sean Hepburn at Espace Vanderborght, where Olivia and the staff welcomed us. The visit to Intimate Audrey surprised us with a remarkable heritage of photos, objects and memories from Audrey Hepburn’s private life. It was quite a moving experience, in particular seeing the huge lettering on the facade, on one of the busiest roads of the city centre.

We spent the weekend exploring a new city for us, which we found to be delighting. Every single brick of this city tells a story made of journeys, intense lives and diversity. Brussels is rightly the centre of the Europe that we like, where multiple stimuli and differences give the opportunity to find oneself.

Why are we telling you about this trip? Because in our work, in everything we do, there’s a part of ourselves, as people, individuals and a group. Because behind emails, phone calls and meetings, there’s Bunker. And Bunker is also made of this.

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